How to Select a Bread Making Machine


Choosing a bread making equipment can be a daunting task. With so many options available, many first-time buyers may not know what they really need in order to make the bread they desire. Having a bread machine can be a real time saver and can also save money on grocery bills as well by eliminating the need to purchase the premade variety. Choosing the machine that best suits individual baking desires and needs is essential.
1. Ask a friend, co-worker or relative about his bread machine.
2. Purchase a cheap bread machine if you are unsure about which to buy or if you have never used a machine before.
3. Purchase a bread machine that has at least a one-year warranty.
4. Look at the pan of the bread machine, as it can alter the bread's crust...

Quality Control


We have all products produced under strict quality control system. Our experienced inspection personnel will check all production processes accordingly. We own 160 patented products and have ISO9001 quality system certificate. Many of our products are certified with CE and UL certification.
By continuous self-improvement, we promise to offer customers with considerate service and high quality products at competitive prices...

Henglian Advantages


Henglian's food preparation equipment (also food preparation machine), like commercial meat processing equipment, baking equipment, and bread making equipment, soybean processing equipment, beverage equipment and other commercial bar & restaurant equipment, ranges in 10 series and 238 varieties. Our annual sales reaches 120,000 units, which means we have a strong OEM/ODM capability. Most of our food preparation equipment got CE certification...


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