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Making Healthy Juice by Fruit Juice Machine Manufacturer - Henglian

  • source:henglian
  • Date:05/17/2019

Making your own fruit and vegetable juice can be a healthy and rewarding alternative to the sugary drinks that are currently available for consumption. 

What will you need to start making your own juice? For starters, you’ll need a Juicer. Henglian has dozens of fruit juice machine options that are sure to fit your juicing needs.

A juicer is a machine that mechanically presses fruit or vegetables into juice. There are several types of juicers, two of which are household juicers and commercial juicers. Commercial juicers include universal juicers, single juicers, double juicers and triple juicers.

fruit process juice machine

Juice is healthy

Apple + orange

Apple is the king of all fruit, has a good role in promoting digestion, rich in vitamin C, apple can also prevent cancer. Orange contains cellulose, can promote intestinal peristalsis, clear bowel defecation. Juicing two fruits together may be a better way to help rid the body of harmful substances.

Apple + carrot

apple carrot juice

Carrot is rich in vitamin A and plant fiber, water absorption is strong, have fill liver bright eye and cure night blindness, more advantageous aperient prevent cancer. The most important is to promote the child's bone growth and development, as well as reduce the effect of sugar in the body. Apple and carrot add together, long-term drinkable can have the effect that warm a body.

Tomatoes + snow pear + celery

tomatoes snow pear celery

Tomato contains rich vitamin C and vitamin P, can produce fluid to quench thirst, stomach digestion and qingrejiedu. Eating tomatoes also has the unique effect of preventing sunburn and causing spots. It also protects the skin and ACTS as an anti-aging agent. Snow pear is good for moistening lung, moistening intestine and quenching thirst. Celery can enhance the body's resistance.

Snow pear plus grapes

Snow pear has the effect of nourishing fluid, clearing heat and phlegm, and moistening lung. Grapes contain glucose and sugar, which can be quickly attracted to the body, as well as anti-cancer elements, which can prevent healthy cells from becoming cancerous and spreading, and can also play a role in strengthening the spleen and stomach. It is a tonic to juice them together.

Pineapple + orange

Pineapple can decompose protein, improve blood circulation, eliminate swelling, clear stomach thirst, hypertension, nephritis, dyspepsia has a great help. Orange contains cellulose, can promote intestinal peristalsis, intestinal cleansing detoxification.

Cucumber + pear

Cucumber has anti - aging, hypoglycemic, anti - alcoholism, lower cholesterol of a variety of efficacy components. Snow pear has the effect of nourishing fluid, clearing heat and phlegm, and moistening lung. Two fruits together are the holy grail of detoxification.

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