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Reliable Food Cutting Machines TQ-8(A) - U Should Chop Ur Food Safely.
meat, vegetable, melon and fruit for food cut up machine
quter painted food cut up machines

Food Cutting Machines TQ-8 / TQ-8A


TQ-8 / TQ8A











Net weight





TQ-8 Outer painted, TQ8A Outer polished


Product Description

H.L Food Cutting Machine is specially designed for cutting meat and vegetables. It can cut meat, vegetable, melon and fruit rapidly to make fillings. The machine is driven by worm wheels and worm type speed-down gears. The machine has the characteristics of compact structure, fine appearance, easy operation and high efficiency. The machine is equipped with a protective device that makes the operation more safe and reliable. All parts that contact the food directly are made of anti-corrosion Al alloy and stainless steel, which are endurable in use and in conformity with national food hygienic standard. Model TQ8 has coated body and model TQ8A has aluminum-magnesium alloy body.


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