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About Spiral Mixer

Question: Why the mixing shaft do not rotate after switch on?

Answer: The reason may be that the electric connectors are loose. Check the electric circuit, tighten those loose connectors.

About Food Mixer

Question: Why does the lifting handle become too heavy?


The cause of it maybe:
1) Guide ways are corrosive;
2) The lifting screw, bevel gear and hand wheel shaft etc. is dry.

1) Clean and oil the guideways;
2) Oil them.

About Meat Mincer

Question: Why the discharge is not smooth or the stuff becomes pasty?


For this case, the reason may be:
1) The locking of the front nut is not tight enough, resulting in poor contact between the grinding blade and the discharge plate. Readjust the nut.
2) The grinding plate is blocked. Clean it.
3) The grinding blade is too blunt. Sharpen or replace it.

About Rotary Comvection Oven

Question: Trolley not rotate.


The reason may be:
1) Hook's friction-gear loosens.
2) Motor is not work.
3) Trolley is not in position or tray's size is out of range.

You can do:
1) Screw locks screw of friction-gear plate.
2) Check whether motor cord is loose or motor is burnt.
3) Place trolley in position and tray in proper states.

About Electric Oven

Question: If the temperature still lower after switch on, the index will rise to the upper limit one.

Answer: The reason may be that the temperature sensor was turn off.

Debar way:
1) Cut down the sensor, use one lead short circuit meter to input the end, the meter will indicate the temperature normally, that means the senor was down, need to change a new one.
2) After short circuit, the meter index still over the upper limit, that means the meter was out of use, need to change.

About Gas Oven

Question: After in flames, the flame is abnormal.


1) Yellow is for fan trouble.
2) Return fire or flame-out is because of not enough wind rates.

1) repair the fan.
2) Adjust fans wind input.

About Dough Divider

Question: The protections do not action.


1) Open the cover, check fork of safety switch connecting is loose.
2) Check the electric circuit of safety switch.