Spiral Mixers HS80/100/130/200

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Spiral Mixers HS80/100/130/200

Spiral Mixers HS80/100/130/200

Model: HS80/100/130/200
Country: China
BrandName: H.L
Payment: L/C, D/P, T/T
Price: FOB, CIF
HS80, HS100, HS130, HS200 spiral mixers are new types of mixers, original style and artistic, reliable performance, high automaticity. They are siutable for mixing flour in hotels, restaurants and public canteens. There are many outstanding advantage as follow:
1. The spiral agitator is specially designed and made, and the speed is coordinated with bowl's speed which can get the best result of dough-kneading.
2. The operating procedure is specially equiped with time control on top cover intensively, which make it easy to operate and maintain.
3. During every operating procedure, it can turn into high-speed dough-mixing procedure immediately as soon as the high-speed start button is pressed.
4. In order to make the dough out easily, please use touch-reverse button to make the bowl reverse momently, which can make easy clean of the blow as well.

Model Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) Phase Power (kw) Spiral Speed (r/min) Bowl Speed (r/min) Bowl Volume (L) Max Kneading Capacity (kg) Dimention (mm) Weight (kg)
HS80 3~380 50 3 1.5/2.4 210/107 16 80 25 1122x682x1305 439
HS100 3~380 50 3 3/4.5 210/107 16 100 40 1160x650x1340 482
HS130 3~380 50 3 2.8/5.6 210/107 16 130 50 1222x750x1430 522
HS200 3~380 50 3 5/7.5 200/100 16 200 75 1332x950x1510 695

Operating Instruction:
1. Place the machine on a dry and horizontal ground, and make sure that it is firm.
2. Before use, ensure that power supply corresponds to that required by the machine and external ground wire is reliably connected.
3. Ensure that flour quantity is not more the maximum flour-mixing quantity.
4. It is necessary to put down safety cover before the machine is started.
5. The operational regulations are indicated on the sign of the machine.

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