Melon and Fruit Cutter MFC23

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Melon and Fruit Cutter MFC23

Melon and Fruit Cutter MFC23

Model: MFC23
Country: China
BrandName: H.L
Payment: L/C, D/P, T/T
Price: EXW
The model MFC23 is a new food processing machinery which is our new home design, adopt the modern advanced technology. It is provided with various attachments that can cut vegetable and fruit to all sizes of pieces, chips and cubes, as you like. Also the machine is provided with discs that are used for finely grating cheese, almond, chocolate and bread-crumbs.

The machine is good looking, compact in construction easy operable in operation, and multipurpose. All parts in contact with food are made of stainless steel, and are in conformity with Chinese hyginene standard. It''s ideal machinery for food preparation in hotel and restaurants.

Technical Specification:
Voltage: 220v
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 0.25kw
Disc diameter: 204mm
Production capacity: 120kg/h
Dimension: 275x580x455mm
Weight: 30kg

Attachment Operation (Operation as required)

1. C discs: for slicing and shredding in difference thickness.

Disc No. C2 C3 C10
Straight Blades 3 2 1
Slicing Thickness (mm) 2 3 10
slice cutting
2. AS disc for shredding vegetable and fruit.

Disc No. AS3
Across Section axa(mm) 3.5X3.5
3. F disc for fruit vegetable and fruit.

Disc No. F8 & C8 Remark
Across Section axa(mm) + Straight Blade Chip of squar 8x8 These two blades need additional purchasing
chip cutting
4. F10 Discs: for vegetable salads, cubes, ect... must be used with a C disc.
Disc No. F10
With a C disc C10
Cubes(mm) 10x10x10
cubes cutting
5. P Discs: for finely grating cheese, bread-crumbs, almonds.

Operation and Maintenance:
1. Before operation, check that the power supply corresponds to that required by the machine, the external earthing wire is reliable connected.
2. Install ejector, static devise and movable disc in order base on selected attachments required. Close the upper lit and lock the handle. The machine will only start when the lit is closed and the handle is locked.
3. There are two feed hoppers at the upper lit. In the short hopper, the material is naturally laid flat and cut lenghthwise. In the tall hopper, the material is naturally presented vertically. Feed materials with special feed parts. Do not put your hand or objects other than the feed parts into the hoppers to avoid injury of your fingers or to damage the blades.
4. The machine cuts vegetable and fruit only, not meat.
5. After used, open the upper lit, dismantling the disc, wash is and the inside of the body. The discs should be places on the disc frame, then close the lit. It's ready for next operation.
Attention: Do not clean with water directly, dry it with a cloth is enough.
Note: This machine is installed with electromotor protect device, it will stop the power automatically when it overload or under reverse crics, the electromotor is well protected, then shut down the power, clear the blockage, reconnect the power and the machine can be started again.

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