Meat Mincer TC32

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Meat Mincer TC32

Meat Mincer TC32

Model: TC32
Country: China
BrandName: H.L
Payment: L/C, D/P, T/T
Price: EXW
Model TC32 meat mincer is designed for high performance. It is suitable for meat mincing. It has many outstanding advantage as follow:
- It consists of a compact design gearbox to maintain smooth and reliable running.
- The full stainless steel body and meat mincing unit to meet maximum hygiene standard. No sharp corner and gap to reach safty requirement.
- It is equipped with low-voltage push-button switch, accord with CE standard.
- The motor is easy to maintain and install.

Voltage: 380v
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Plate Aperture: 6mm & 9mm
Weight: 90kg
Power: 1.5kg
Production capacity: 320kg/h
Dimension: 745x360x540mm

Operation Instruction:
1. Before use, check that the power supply corresponds to that required by the machine, and the external earthing wire is replable connected. Please take our the cuttung group before testing the machine of 3phase motor, checked that the machine rotates in the direction indicated by the rotation mark. If the rotation direction is wrong, change the two of the three livewires each other.
2. Remove the cutting group and wash them with clean water, then reassemble them as original.
3. Remove skin and bone from the meat to be minced, cut them into pieces to suit the feed-size.
4. Feed the pieces into mincing chamber with the feed-stick supplied, don''t use other material.
5. After used, dismantling the cutting group immediately and wash them, as to avoid bacteria growth.

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