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Meat Mincer TC12I

Meat Mincer TC12I

Model: TC12I
Country: China
BrandName: H.L
Payment: L/C, D/P, T/T
TC12I meat mincer is state-of-the-art machine elaborately designed and manufactured by our company. It has the following advantages:
1. Totally-enclosed gear driving, cmpact structure and stable operation.
2. Hygienic food processing is our main gorl. In fact, the food-contacting components and the bodies of TC12I meat grinders are all made of premium stainless steel. They feature easy cleaning, smooth lines and elegant appearance without gap hiding contaminants and sharp edge hurting operators.
3. Integral structure of the electromotor to facilitate installation and maintenance.
4. Large meat grinding capacity and high productivity.

Technical Parameter:
Voltage: 220v
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Weight: 25kg
Power: 0.65kg
Input power: 0.86kw
Production capacity: 120kg/h
Dimension: 450x220x340mm
Weight: 25kg

Operation Instruction:
1. Make sure that the voltage of the power supply is in line with the requirement, that the power wiring is appropriate and the ground wire of the outlet is stably connected. Connect the leading-out wire without a plug to an all-pole disconnection device with a contact distance no less than 3mm installed in a fixed position by the user. The rated current of the break device must be no less than 35A.
2. Detach and clean the meat-grinding components with clear water, then assemble it sequentially and lock the handle.
3. Cut the stuff into pieces of meat whose sizes are similar to that of the feeding inlet after its skin and bone are removed.
4. Feed the stuff into the grinding cavity with the feeding bar. Do not replace the bar with other tools.
5. Upon completion, detach and clean the meat-grinding components etc. immediately to prevent bacteria growth.
6. If the discharge is not smooth or the stuff becomes pasty, the reason may be:
1) The locking of the front nut is not tight enough, resulting in poor contact between the grinding blade and the discharge plate. Readjust the nut.
2) The grinding plate is blocked. Clean it.
3) The grinding blade is too blunt, sharpen or replace it.

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