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How to Choose the Right Meat Slicer Machine?

Meat slicer machine is widely used
Meat slicer machine is the machinery and equipment for slicing processing of pork, lamb and other meat, which is widely used in hotels, restaurant, meat processing plants, large hot pot city, and the dining hall. Currently, there are many types of meat slicer on the market, some customers buying the meat slicer machine, especially the clients previously not purchase the slicer, do not know how to buy affordable and practical meat slicer machine at the the purchase of slicing machine. Now we will introduce how to choose the right meat slicer.

To buy a suitable slicer depends on the operation place of the slicer:
1. Small canteens, small restaurants and home-based users can choose automatic or manual slicer machine, now semi-automatic slicer is available for 10 inch and 12 inch. The 12 inch automatic slicer is very suitable for use because the blade is big, and the whole structure and other aspects are relatively better than 10 inch, of course, for the user with fewer processing load, it is also more economical to select 10 inch. The manual slicer is preferred for family and grill food because of the wider cutting, which is much more effort-saving than the current semi-containing. Equipped with meat automatic feed device, the operation is very simple, purely mechanical transmission, also need not worry about the machine's strength to cut thick flake foods, is more applicable than home-based slicer on the market, and the price is very reasonable.

2. Pot shops, market meat stalls are more appropriate to choose 12-inch or 10-inch automatic slicer: Currently 10 inch and 12 inch automatic slicer are divided into high-speed type and standard type, the users with slightly larger processing volume are best to select high speed automatic slicing machine. The high speed automatic commercial meat processing equipment can be up to 50 beats / min, desktops on the market today are generally 36-40 beats / min: the user who need to cut beef is preferred 12-inch high-speed type or standard automatic slicing machine, because the 12-inch blade is larger, line speed is fast, cutting beef and mutton effect is good.

Meat Slicer

3. Meat processing plant, large hotels and large pot city users can choose 14-inch high type desktop automatic slicing machine due to the large daily food processing capacity. The 14-inch blade is large, fast line speed, slicing results are very good, the current vertical slicer on the market prices are relatively expensive, which is basically twice the price of the desktop, and the high speed type desktop can be 50 beats / min, so it is even more affordable to the purchase desktop from the price of the product, slice effects and efficient integrated analysis.

4. Fourth, the dual motor automatic slicing machine, large electrical power, stable slicing, high precision worm gear drive, machine stability, low noise, because the mechanical transmission is not easy to damage, longer life, it is advantageous as opposed to single motor automatic slicing machine.

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