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Food Machine in China

The familiar China food machine

Meat slicer machine is a machine which can cut thin and uniform tissue slice, tissue with solid paraffin wax or other material support. It is the main china food machine. Each one cut by slice thickness device to automatically advance the distance required for the gradient, and the thickness is 1 micron. Usually cutting paraffin-embedded tissue, as with the previous one section of the wax boundary adhesion, and made more than one slice by slice of meat slicers can be volume mutton, beef board, as well as other rules do not thaw frozen meat in the state into different thickness, uniform sheets or rolls, automatic operation, and it can cut a plurality of coil shape. It is currently the highest machining efficiency a best of shape, multifunctional slicer. Machine for high quality stainless steel has reached the food hygiene standards.

What is the kitchen meat slicer machine?
Chop bone knife is a small kitchen which is made for the modern kitchen life cutting head through which based on the traditional knife designed a product, mainly for household cutting head trouble. It is easy to damage the blade, laborious low efficiency situation and designed. Products are mainly used in the kitchen to cut food and produce, for example, poultry, pork, etc. to cut a leg. This meat slicer machine is safe in use simple, convenient cleaning. This product is mainly composed of two parts of a middle groove of plastic, one with a short handle stainless steel knife. The knife blade is inserted in the fixed trough. As long as a hand to cut food into small knife plane, the other hand holding the handle downward force, food will be cut down. Kitchen chop bone knife in a small, rectangular slot is provided with a fixed role of the parts to prevent the bones and other food to slide back and forth.

The use of meat slicer machine
Don't put hand into the blade and it can prevent from accidental injury. To small pole flat on the kitchen table or other location, to prevent tilt hurt. Everyone eats, and every cut food, however, often encountered in daily life such as ice, ice fish meat frozen food. Cutting chicken duck fish, large fish with bones, with a knife, excessive force, and it is easy to damage the blade. With a machete, axe chopping, the opponent is very safe, very noisy, especially big city building acoustics, were not civilized. The kitchen machine is safe, fast without noise.

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