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Selection of Food Preparation Equipment
Food Preparation Equipment is important for cooking in restaurant. The equipment ranges from potato peelers, gravity, juicers and multi-function food processors to traditional hand-held food preparation tools, such as kitchen knives. When it comes to selection of food preparation equipment, it involves several factors like kitchen cost, safety, sanitation, etc. Therefore, performance, price, application and maintenance are factors we should take into consideration when purchasing food preparation equipment.

There are some rules we have to follow in regard to buying the equipments: advancement in technology, affordable price, easy operation, productivity, low consumption, easy cleaning and maintenance.

We have to make a purchase list and determine the quantity in accordance with the plan. Then it comes to market research. Information about brands, quality and prices are very important. We have to make a comparison and analysis to make sure the best use of our budget. Of course, safety always comes first—safe, easy to operate and maintain is of great importance. Make sure that safety instructions and devices come with the package; the joints are stable and reliable; and no sounding while operation. As to proper functioning, maintenance matters a lot. Regular maintenance would also help to extend the service life. As a result, we have to have a clear idea in mind as to whether the manufacturer or distributors would offer maintenance service.

Thanks to the advancement in new technology, food preparation equipment is currently being replaced at a rather rapid rate. Kitchens are moving towards a brand new age of convenience, humanization and automation in operation which requires us to have a prospective view when choosing the equipments. Moreover, energy saving and environmental protection deserve attention as well. Equipments made of sustainable and recyclable resources with high energy using rate should be given preference over other products.
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