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Food-grade Grease Affects Food Safety
Recently food safety comes into the limelight across the globe for the frequent incidents related to it. Food sale is restricted to the local region or country no more. With the help of the ever-growing logistics system, international food sale is taking over the stage. Consequently, recalls, complaints and lawsuits arising from food safety are no longer a problem undermining a firm's performance and reputation; they could probably develop into damage to international trade and relations. Therefore, a great deal of attention is paid to food quality and safety by all governments.

Food preparation equipment is a must in food processing. Grease is a must for these machines to reduce friction, rust and serve a sealing function. It is of great importance that we need grease to ensure proper functioning of the food preparation equipment, but it would also accidentally become a health problem due to cross contamination out of improper operation.

For some food processing, even if the operation is in strict accordance with the instructions, lubricant would inevitably have contact with the food. In this case, for the sake of consumers' health and safety, some enterprises would use cooking oil and clinical vaseline after taking both safety and proper functioning of the machines into consideration. However, such natural lubricants pose a threat as being a hotbed for bacteria. Their performance would be diminished under conditions like high temperature and humidity, frequent wash especially during meat processing. In order to live up to the demand of high temperature, humidity, load and other extreme conditions, synthetic lubricant came into being. This kind of lubricant is invented on the basis of ordinary oil, mingled with additives, to meet different requirements. The additives help to maintain the performance under extreme conditions. It is of vital importance to access the lubricant formula as well as the usable conditions to ensure safety and product quality.
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