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Hidden Danger of Grinding Meat at the Butcher’s
We shock about those news that children and operators accidentally get their hands stuck in the machine. That’s a visible danger we might be able to avoid if a bit more attention is paid here, but what about the danger we can not see?

For the sake of convenience, we usually buy the meat and grind it at the stall. It seems reasonable; however, it gives birth to certain potential hygienic problems we may neglect.

First of all, some stalls may not have access to clean water. Butchers just repeat using the same bucket of water to wash the meat before further process. Or some will just put the meat straight into the grinder even without washing it. In this case, dust clung to the meat surface along with bacterial pathogens from knives and cutting boards will be taken into the machine and attached to the mince.

Secondly, there may be certain meat, which would be mixed with the new meat, left in the machine after use. Spread of germs is possible if the meat stays in there for quite a long time unattended. To be worse, toxin might come out under certain condition. If the meat grinder is not cleaned completely on a frequent basis, it is easier to contaminate the meat.

Last but not least, certain touch of lubricant might get attached to the meat. Lubricant is a must for proper functioning of the grinder which is not eatable. Aging machine or improper operation can mingle the lubricant with the meat.

All the scenarios mentioned above can lead to stomach discomfort and even food poisoning. As a result, we'd better take control of our health and do meat grinding with our own meat grinder at home.

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