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Cooperative Programme of Inviting and Attracting Outside Investment

Guangdong Henglian Food Machinery Co. Ltd has rich experience on manufacture with the 30 years continuous development. In order to enlarge the competitive strength in domestic and international market, we are looking for oversea manufacturers who manufacture the like products and with fundamental financial resources, famous in international market, with perfet commercial network, and with the same target and disposition. We sincerely hope to build stable and long term co-operate relationship, trust and support each other, and to share risk, honnor as well as fruitful business. Devote our effort to exploit China and international market, and finally to achieve win-win situation.

Co-operate specific as below:

1. Joint Adventure
To establish enterprise by joint contribution of our factory and foreign businessman, foreign businessman to input funding and we offer land, and the company shared pro rata fund to input, share profits and risks in same way.
2. Technology Appraised as Capital Stock
Foreign businessman to provide advanced technology and managerial talent, both parties to share profits and risks pro rata share held.
3. Coact on Process Production, Exploit Domestic and International Market
Co-operate with the manufacturer of high popularity, with own international top-brand of food machinery, baking facility, and electric western-style food facility; we can offer label to produce, and produce as per drawing and sample. We can provide the product of the best quality and the lowest production cost, and offer the most competitive price, the foreign party to have the exclusive selling rights or to sales via our perfect established sales network within China.

8 favorable factors to co-operate with Henglian

1. Stable political situation in China, laws and regulations are gradually improved to integrate with international standard. China provide a perfect environment for investment.
2. The living standard of Chinese people are continually improving, purchasing power is continually rising, and there is great population and imponderable sales potential.
3. Predominant geographical position of Henglian, favorable environment and perfect infrastructure.
4. Favourable tax policy, multiple favourable condition for cooperation.
5. We have an excellent technical team and excellent manufacture facility.
6. Prossess of great marketing sales network, perfect after-sale services, and maintain network.
7. Low cost of material and labour, and the most competitive price to bring cooperative partner generous profits and great return of investment.
8. We have a stable financial position with the support of public parent company, funding can be made both ends meet, and make good profit every year.

We sincerely invite the oversea clients for factory visiting and business negotiation.

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